This course has been designed for individuals with at least one year of ROV experience. It is a prerequisite to have the ability to pass a basic technical assessment on Electricity, Electronics, Fibreoptics and Networking with over 70% or have taken a 101 basics ROV course on these essential subjects.

The course is delivered from a practical perspective and teaches Technicians the key elements to allow them to work on the VALOR ROV. Broken down into theory, practical, open forum discussions, daily quizzes, homework and a final exam. Approximately 30 hours of material will be covered.

On completion, the Technician will have a strong understanding of the Electrical long line, Networking / Fiber optic long line, Software control, Test software, installing Survey gear & Tooling.

In addition, the course teaches the Technicians how to split the system using the tools provided, speed up troubleshooting and reduce operational downtime.


Course Duration - 3 Day

Location – Held at Seatronics in Aberdeen or Houston

A personal laptop is required

Certification will be issued on successful completion