We provide skilled and competent personnel to ensure safe and successful project delivery.

Our people are equipped to deliver everything you need – solving your problems and keeping your operations on track.

Sourced by the DRIFT team with unrivalled industry connections, we supply personnel and support services to major global service contractors. Ranging from offshore personnel to onshore resource audits and crewing management:







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Why Choose DRIFT as your partner for offshore personnel?

 Commitment to safety: Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our personnel are not just skilled; they are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards in every project.

 Seamless project delivery: From planning to execution, our personnel are equipped to handle every aspect of your project, solving problems and ensuring a smooth and successful delivery.

 Global reach: With a vast network, we supply personnel and support services worldwide. Whether you require offshore personnel, onshore resource audits, or crewing management, we have you covered.

 Industry connections: Sourced by the DRIFT team with extensive industry connections, our personnel bring a wealth of experience and insights to every project.

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