102 Fundamentals Of An ROV System

This course has be designed for an individual with six to twelve months of offshore ROV experience.

It is recommended the Individual has completed the 101 Basic Fundamentals of an ROV course. This course will require the use of a client workshop due to hands-on training required as well as theory.

Course duration 2-5 days – depending on client facilities

The course will cover the following topics –

Fiber Networks
Electrical Fault Finding with Electrical Drawings & a Multi-Meter
Video – Based on Client Equipment
Hydraulic Fault Finding with Hydraulic Drawings
Integration of 3rd party Sensors on an ROV
Network Survey Equipment
Integration of 3rd Party Hydraulic Tooling on an ROV
Simulator Flight Training – If a Simulator is available


Duration will be between 2 to 5 days, depending on available training space

Certification will be issued on successful completion